2023-2024 Shepton PTSA Board & Chairs

Have an idea or suggestion to share with the Shepton PTSA board? Contact us at one of the following email addresses below. 


Position Name Shepton PTSA Email
President Georgette Bird president@sheptonptsa.org
1st VP-Programs Kara Grimes programs@sheptonptsa.org
2nd VP- Volunteers Lisa Hingson volunteers@sheptonptsa.org
3rd VP- Membership Directory Hilary Dietz membership@sheptonptsa.org
4th VP- Ways and Means Brandy Wayne ways@sheptonptsa.org
Secretary Lisa Divine secretary@sheptonptsa.org
Treasurer Ashley Hamilton treasurer@sheptonptsa.org
Parliamentarian Alison Grzyb parliamentarian@sheptonptsa.org
Casseroles Brandi Stevens casseroles@sheptonptsa.org
Copy Room Kathy Grane copyroom@sheptonptsa.org
Community Melissa Adams community@sheptonptsa.org
Diversity Sharon Ginchansky diversity@sheptonptsa.org
Hospitality Ritu Gupta hospitality@sheptonptsa.org
Legislative Misty Byerly legislative@sheptonptsa.org
Newsletter Tracy Duchouquette newsletter@sheptonptsa.org
Outreach Kelli Jones outreach@sheptonptsa.org
PTA Council Delegate Alison Grzyb delegate@sheptonptsa.org
Reflections Vanessa Eckroat reflections@sheptonptsa.org
School Supplies Stella Heidman supplies@sheptonptsa.org
Social Media Tara Kesler socialmedia@sheptonptsa.org
Spirit Wear Kim Velevis spiritwear@sheptonptsa.org
Spirit Wear Karen Hazan-Cohen spiritwear@sheptonptsa.org
Staff Birthday Coordinator Stephanie Kaleba staffbirthday@sheptonptsa.org
Student Organization Liaison Lisa Dobrient studentorgs@sheptonptsa.org 
Teacher Appreciation Week Kelli Jones appreciation@sheptonptsa.org
Website and Calendar Tracy Duchouquette webmaster@sheptonptsa.org
Plano West Liaison Teranne Keogh planowest@sheptonptsa.org
Plano West Liaison Kara Grimes planowest@sheptonptsa.org
Frankford Liaison Amanda Armstrong frankford@sheptonptsa.org
Renner Liaison Kathy Grane renner@sheptonptsa.org


Shepton Principal is Courtney Washington.

Assistant Principals are Megan Calisto, Brian Vincer, John Williams, and Tyler Yarbrough.