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Holiday Helper

Shepton PTSA, in coordination with the Shepton Counseling Office, is helping to make the holidays a little brighter for some of our Shepton students and families. We will be collecting gift cards in $25 increments from Target, Walmart and Kohl's during the weeks of December 4-8 and December 11-15.  Donations can be dropped off in the Counseling Office.  Please join us, as we support our counseling staff to help make the holidays extra special for those less fortunate.  Thank you for your kindness and generosity.  

We Are Shepton! 


Gift Cards for Positive Behavior Incentives



 Ski Plano 




Taxparency Information 


Click here for important information from PISD School Board President Missy Bender about public school funding.  If you want your school tax dollars to stay in public education TAKE ACTION:


Call and/or email your State Elected Officials:

  • Tell your Legislators you feel they are not being transparent when they use their "savings" from property value growth to fund other state priorities, and that you expect your tax dollars, paid to your public school district, to remain in public education.
  • Hold them accountable for what they are and are not doing to fix it. Legislators say they don’t like Robin Hood. OK, what's the solution? What are they going to do to change it?
  • Share your personal experiences and the issues you see impacting your local school district to make the message more meaningful to legislators.
  • Stay connected with Taxparency Texas on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Learn more here.



Renew Your Volunteer Clearance with Plano ISD! 

The system is open for school year 2017-18. Do not delay! 

Click here:


Renewals must be done annually.

We love our volunteers!

Back to school information

 For more back to school information, read the August 18, 2017 Shepton eNews here. 



Construction Details

 For details of the planned phases of construction, read last April's Shepton eNews here.

Note that the entrance to the school is temporarily on the East side of the school

(facing the park). 





Congratulations to our very own Shepton Teacher of the Year Mr. Kevin Moore who was announced as the Plano ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year at the Plano ISD Teacher of the Year Gala.  The Gala was held this past Thursday, May 11th at the Plano Centre.  To read more about the event, go to


We're so proud to have Mr. Moore representing Shepton High School and now Plano ISD!  



Be A Shepton Volunteer

As our children get older in school, it seems that the school doesn’t need as much help as they used to.  Actually they still need us, just in differing ways.  Do you have an hour once a month, once every 3 or 4 months, once a year?  We have volunteer opportunities that fit all of these needs and more. Sign up to help in a variety of ways by checking your preferences on our PTSA Toolkit or sign up to be “Ready to Help” when the opportunity arises.  You may also contact with any questions. 


IMPORTANT:  You must be a cleared volunteer to volunteer at the school. Be sure to complete your PISD Volunteer Application for 2017-2018.



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