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During the 86th legislative session, Texas PTA tracked 776 bills this session involving public education and the welfare of our students. 623 of those bills were heard in committee and 139 passed and awaited final approval/veto by the Governor. Signed by the Governor were HB 1 & 3 (Public School Funding System Reform), HB 3 & SB 712 (Special Education Funding) and HB 4242 & HB 3906 (State Assessment). Also of interest to families, SB 21 raises the age to 21 to purchase tobacco products including e-cigarettes and Juuling devices; and nine bills related to School Safety, Student Discipline and Student Mental Health were signed. Read the 12-page Texas PTA summary on these new laws here
According to a June 25th article in Community Impact, "Under the state’s previous funding formulas, the district projected a $33.6 million operating budget shortfall for the 2019-20 school year. After Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed House Bill 3 into law on June 11, the district now projects it will face an $18 million shortfall." Read the full article here.

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